Sunday, 3 July 2011

Will NYC Graffiti Be Wiped Out By 2026?

Ha, of course it won’t, but Councilman Peter Vallone is patting himself on the back for legislation he proposed awhile back that kinda takes effect today, banning solid roll down gates for storefronts. Moving forward, if a businesses are going to install metal shutters, they must provide 70% visibility. The City’s anti-graffiti spokesman says they’re nothing more than ribbed canvasses for vandals and will end up making a huge impact in ridding the streets of graffiti. Owners of locations with existing solid gates, have until 2026 to replace them, giving graffiti writers a 15 year head start to innovate.

In the meantime, Vallone says he’s super proud of this accomplishment and it could be his future campaign platform:

Of all the bills I’ve been part of, this one will have the biggest impact on New York City. Maybe I’ll make it part of my platform if I run for Congress.

We can’t wait.

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