Saturday, 23 July 2011

Top 3 Disadvantages about Mac OS X Lion Must Know

Should you upgrade your OS to Mac OS X Lion? Is it worth to upgrade? If you want to or are going to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, there are 3 top disadvantages about Mac OS X Lion you must know....
Some people are happy with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, but along with Mac OS X Lion coming up with some cool features, they don't know if they should upgrade to Mac OS X Lion. So this article shows you 3 top disadvantages of Mac OS X Lion you must know before you decide to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion.

3 Biggest Disadvantages of Mac OS X Lion 

1. Speed: Speed tests comparing Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard shows Mac OS X Lion has no advantage over Snow Leopard.

2. Compatibility: There are many applications not compatible or have issues running on Mac OS X Lion. You need definitely check if your apps are compatible with Mac OS X Lion.

3. Issues: These major features, such ad Auto-Save/Version Control and Resume, aren’t really working yet, or basically come with annoyances that you’ll have to deal with. For example: If you want to save a file, you have to click to unlock it before the Mac OS X Lion saves it every time.

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