Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mail For Exchange..does NOT work Properly

I love my 5800 to bits. Had mine....Red from£227...for a couple of weeks and now I have got used to it I am delighted with it media ability and the fact that its a damn good mobile phone as well.


Having had an E61 and E71 and used Mail for Exchange without a problem with my companies Exchange server I find the 5800 does not work. It loads the software and tries to connect but the Exchange server rejects the connection because the 5800 "does not support all password policies"

Spoke to my admin and we had a good laugh at Nokias suggestion that he change the companies security policies so it will work on the phone. Yeah...right....

The only real difference between the phones is the version of Symbian...V3 to V5. So this to me looks like a straight S60 issue....not the hardware. Nobody seems able to help and although it states on the Nokia support page that it won't work with the 5800 it doesn't say that on all the advertising blurb. The whole purpose of MfE for business use is the security aspect and the need for admin to have some control over the phone, download lock polices and wipe phone of any company info should it be lost. Without that is just a liability.

Anyone else got we wait for Symbian/Nokia to come out with a fix for what is a complete cock up...does S60V3 version work with password policies ?

I am using OMA to look at mails via the internet but it does not synch with my companies exchange server. Almost spoils a truly great phone....

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