Saturday, 23 July 2011

questions about mac os lion exchange install

How to get Macintosh HD tab back on Mac OS X Lion?
There is a tab on mac snow leopard finder. If i clicked on it and pressed the spacebar it would show me how many gigs i had left on my laptop. Now i want to get it back to check how many gigs i have left. How should i do? Give me some tips!

Cisco VPN Client on Mac OS X Lion?

I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Cisco VPN client will work under Mac OS X Lion. My understanding of Lion is it's 64-bit only, which I'm assuming means no more 32-bit kernel and therefore no working Cisco VPN client. Unless Cisco puts out a 64-bit update soon or Lion supports IPSec over UDP, I think I may be forced to wait on the Lion upgrade.

Will upgrade to os x lion lost all files?
What will happen if i upgrade to mac os x lion? I have considered 2 days for os x lion updrading. I want to know if if i install lion will i lose my files. Give me some tips!

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