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Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud was the WWDC keynote (part 1)

lion Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud was the WWDC keynote (part 1)
“Lion”, which is the internal name of the next Apple operating system and is called OS officially X 10.7
Man, that was yesterday an excitement in the Twitter, Blogo-elsewhere sphere! They were all very excited for the upcoming WWDC keynote by the master himself. And Yes, it had something Messiah crowds, as always when Steve Jobs came because so completely alone in the black sweater and pale blue jeans on the stage. Thin it looked! And not really healthy, but that now is not the subject be
Three things were anticipated in advance, Mister jobs would talk about that, and (almost) as it has come. It was about the upcoming OS version 10.7, which is known under the code name “Lion”, the next mobile OS variant iOS 5 and to the follow-up service MobileMe, iCloud. With “Follow-up service” the thing not quite meets. But one by one. Today I will start with OS X 10.7, tomorrow 5 off and on Thursday then iOS iCloud-day is then. That would all way too much on einmal… otherwise
Wants to more than 250 new features Apple in OS X 10.7 have built. Sure, that I will list not all here, but I’ve already spotted some personal highlights:
AirDrop: On the this year’s M-days I have seen such an app for the first time himself: data can be simply send and share with others directly and on the spot through the air. However, a sophisticated server technology behind it was in that case. AirDrop simply uses a peer-to-peer connection between two lion Macs, presumably based on Bonjour and guarantees a secure, automated data exchange. Very cool!
Auto save: Yes but, other companies offer some time, but still is the automatic backup – in the background – a good thing. Also, the new feature allows the duplication and the locking of documents.
Electronic OS distribution: adieu, you love winning DVD! Because Apple has decided against you and offers the full digital OS installation with the release of “Lion”. This is of course about the Apple’s own Mac apps store and will take a little when you first install, because it sucks 4 GB not easy times so on the computer. Then’s but easy, as Apple “Delta update”, which means nothing else, that the next minor only a few hundred MByte will be big releases, because it loads only the improvements, bug fixes and new features from the Mac app store and installed on the computer.
Full-screen apps: Sounds only times not particularly revolutionary, but it is certainly very useful for everyday use with your favorite applications. Also remain the full-screen apps in the full-screen mode, when they disappear into the background, and via the swipe gesture can be between the individual apps back and forth.
E-mail client: The lion mail client looks pretty darn similar to the iPad mail client, and also the new features such as “Conversations” come closer the iOS client. Is that in the past of announced merger of iOS and OS X? Is a bit poor and sounded at the time for more!
mission control Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud was the WWDC keynote (part 1)
With mission control Apple Exposé and spaces brings together – for even more overview
Mission control: This new feature is nothing more than the overdue Union of Exposé and spaces in fact. With a hand all open apps, virtual workspaces, and the dashboard come to light, which determined positive will affect the efficient working with the Mac.
QuickTime Player: there are A few minor improvements here that seem quite useful. As a single window for webcasts can be record, clicks are highlighted and created videos can be published directly on Vimeo, Flickr and Facebook.
The State is restored exactly restart apps and OS X: in both cases, in which one has left an application or system. Also this is very useful.
Safari: Apple’s Web browser in some things will change. These include various new gestures that you can zoom. But also media caching for offline content offers Safari “Lion”, as well as a reading list, with the secure Web page content and can be read later offline.
Simplified Windows-2-Mac migration: very smart, Mister jobs! If one wants to switch from Windows to a Mac, get all documents, contacts, appointments, and E-Mail accounts in the right OS X application. And even images that are stored in Picasa, go on this way as if by magic in iPhoto.
And last but not least: OS X 10.7 “lion”, there is from July 2011 directly in the Mac app store for as as 24 euros. This is the best price that Apple has ever calculated for an update! And tomorrow’s continues here with iOS 5…
One technology guru, Chris Leis kindly asked me to post this post here. I am convinced that the views in this article are very intelligent. And when you have any responses, please provide beneath.

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