Sunday, 3 July 2011

TEPCO’s Tips for Staying Cool

Ages ago—in internet time—reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan started melting down after an earthquake-generated tsunami knocked out electricity to the cooling mechanisms. The Tokyo Electric Power Company is currently trying to shut down the facility permanently and as you can imagine, it’s leading to major power shortages.

So, TEPCO is asking residents to cut their usage dramatically and not only created a minimalist illustration showing different ways to conserve, but also outlined some helpful tips:

Air conditioners account for the biggest energy consumption during the peak hours in summer. Try to set the temperature at 28°C (That’s 82 degrees Farenheit).In order to reduce the simultaneous use of multiple air conditioners, make an effort to spend more time together in a “family room” of everyone’s choice. Planting summer greenery such as bitter gourds or “Morning Glory flowers outside of the house windows will grow and eventually create a natural shade and heat barrier.Carefully control your surrounding environment by employing the sound of wind bells, choosing soothing colors for interior accessories and using aromatic scents that will contribute to one’s emotional and physical well-being as well as heat alleviation.

Could you imagine if Con Ed offered similar tips?

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