Thursday, 10 November 2011

what is lion tatoo

What is the meaning of a lion tattoo?

in the christian world a lion represents courage. but it also represents strength, passion, love, and so much more. its the king of the jungle, and can take anything life throws at it. its truly a strong animal if not the strongest.

What does a lion tattoo symbolize?

now i dont know about the rest of the world but for punjabis, it represents the community as a whole. It is used to symbolize the heroic and couragous acts of their ancestors

What is the meaning of a Lion of Judah tattoo?

The Lion of Judah refers to Jesus Christ as the triumphant King of all creation. See Revelation 5:1-5 and Matthew 28:18. Jesus is known for his dual role as the humble Lamb of God (God's sacrifice for our salvation from sin) and the sovereign Lion of Judah (the King of kings). "Judah" refers to the son of Jacob from whom Jesus' parents were descended from. See Matthew 1 and Luke 3. Jesus Christ's first coming to Earth was for fulfilling His role as the Lamb; in His second coming He will be seen in all His deserved glory as the Lion of Judah! Most importantly: IF YOU ACCEPT THE SACRIFICE OF THE LAMB OF GOD, YOU WILL ESCAPE THE JUDGEMENT DESERVED BY ALL SINNERS. See Revelation 21:6-8.

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